Subscription to the upcoming CAB Surveys results

The subscription gives access to data from upcoming surveys.  

It is designed for both individual and institutional use. 

Individual subscription

You will receive databases (Excel, SPSS, STATA), a full and detailed methods report, cross-tabulations for each question including a demographic block and a questionnaire. The cross-tabulations can help you gain insight into the data without the need for SPSS or STATA skills. 

We will send you the full package as soon as the data has been processed and analysed.

Institutional subscription

If you purchase an Institutional subscription, you will have access to two waves of databases conducted per year in Excel, SPSS, STATA), a methodological report and a questionnaire. In addition, you will also have access to cross-tabulations for each question, including a demographic block.

An institutional subscription allows you to share data with 10 other sub-institutions and unlimited use of data by your institution's staff.

CAB Survey.pdf

Please, send a short message to in order to get up-to-date information on pricing plans, current fieldwork stage, and questionnaire. We would also be happy to consult you on payment methods and documentation. Contacts

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