CAB has a rich and diverse experience in conducting a wide range of empirical research studies on themes of public interest, both at the national and regional levels, based on recognized international quality standards (ESOMAR, WAPOR) and strict multi-level quality controls. Over the past ten years, we’ve perfected our procedures for appropriate sampling, data collection, field administration, response coding, data processing, and documentation.

We have the necessary competencies, resources, and workflows to conduct reliable qualitative and quantitative sociological surveys, both online and offline. We benefit from a large network of partners for data collection in each Central Asian country and we’ve introduced essential standards and processes for working with contractors.

We offer complete research cycles services, including:

  • Selection and conceptualization of research topic,
  • Review of relevant scientific literature,
  • Identification of sources and data collection strategy,
  • Data collection,
  • Data processing and analysis,
  • Data interpretation,
  • Visualization,
  • Final report.

We can also work on just a specific step in the research process described above.

Our team includes sociologists, political scientists, economists, and other social science specialists, enabling us to conduct complex research studies based on theory, paradigms, and modeling.

We lead both continuous and ad hoc research projects, from impact evaluation to wave studies, using traditional and innovative polling techniques.


Ad hoc research

For ad hoc studies, we can either take orders for a full survey or include additional questions in an existing survey through the omnibus method. Get a quote here:

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Ongoing research

As a leading barometer, we have been conducting wave public opinion surveys in all Central Asian countries since 2017, twice a year.

The Central Asia Barometer Survey Project is a multinational (including all Central Asian countries), empirical research survey on human beliefs and values in time, with a questionnaire that remains unchanged and is carried out twice a year, allowing for multinational and temporal analysis.

This comparative social research study covers a large range of topics and geography. The goal of this long-term project is to measure social, economic, and political atmospheres (weathers) in Central Asian countries.

We adhere to the principles of open data and strive to offer wide public access to the results of this project. In the CAB Database tab, you can download the data you’re interested in and analyze or visualize it thanks to the ODA (Online Data Analysis) tool.

Our Central Asia Barometer Survey Project questionnaire includes interesting themes on international relations, sociology, economy, healthcare (Covid-19), anthropology, social psychology and demography, among others.

Since 2017, this project has been used by different scientists and specialists in order to study themes such as state-building, democratization, elections, economic growth, migration, public policy, political mobilization, climate change, soft power, and others.

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