Central Asia Barometer (CAB) is a regional, independent, non-profit institution for applied social research and analytics on topics of public interest.

We measure the social, economic, and political "atmosphere" in the countries of Central Asia. The results of our research help our partners make data-based decisions in the best interests of the region’s citizens. We conduct regular applied social science research studies and analytically reflect on social processes. In this way, we contribute to in-depth, democratic institutional developments in these countries.

We work in three areas to achieve this goal:


CAB has a rich and diverse experience in conducting a wide range of empirical research studies on themes of public interest, both at the national and regional levels, based on recognized international quality standards (ESOMAR, WAPOR) and strict multi-level quality controls. Over the past ten years, we’ve perfected our procedures for appropriate sampling, data collection, field administration, response coding, data processing and documentation. We have the necessary competencies, resources, and workflows to conduct qualitative and quantitative sociological surveys, both online and offline. We’ve created a large network of partners for data collection in each Central Asian country and introduced essential standards and processes for working with contractors. Like other world barometers (Global Barometer), we have been organizing multi-wave public opinion surveys in all Central Asian countries since 2017.



CAB gathers a pool of international experts committed to the principles of scientific and objective analyses. We produce in-depth analytical material and strive to understand trends, mechanisms, and reasons for regional transformations.



Central Asia Barometer also takes on the role of organizing multiple dialog and cooperation platforms involving government representatives, international organizations, scientists, experts, and activists from Central Asia and around the world; in brief, for everyone interested in Central Asia.


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