Applied Social Research in Central Asia

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What We Do

Since 2012 Central Asia Barometer has been operating in three areas:



We conduct a wide range of applied social research projects, both on the national and regional levels, based on recognized international quality standards. Over the past ten years, we’ve perfected our procedures for appropriate sampling, data collection, field administration, response coding, data processing, and documentation.


CAB brings together a pool of international experts who adhere to the principles of scientific and objective analyses and develop in-depth analytical material based on the conducted surveys to understand trends, mechanisms, and reasons for regional changes.


We believe that Central Asia urgently needs open dialogue within the region and externally. Central Asia Barometer takes on the role of organizing multiple dialogue and cooperation platforms, involving government officers, international organizations, scientists, experts and activists from around the world, interested in Central Asia. 

Research process

CAB Logo Research Design
Research Design

Prior to field work, we:

  • Identify survey objectives, topics and sources
  • Determine data collection strategies: sampling, selection probabilities and weighing schemes
  • Design methodologies for qualitative, quantitative, and mixed surveys
  • Develop preliminary material and testing
CAB Logo Data Collection
Data Collection
  • On the field, we conduct: 
    • Polls, in-depth interviews, focus groups, panels, desk analysis, media monitoring
    • TAPI, PAPI, CATI, and online data collection methods
    • Briefings, training courses and guidelines for interviewers, survey operators and focus group moderators
    • Capacity building activities for national vendor-contractors
CAB Logo Quality Control
Quality Control

We guarantee strict, systematic quality control thanks to: 

  • GPS route control, 
  • Check-up calls to respondents, 
  • Check-up visits to households, 
  • Audio/video recordings, 
  • Wiretapping recordings,
  • Direct supervision.
CAB Logo Interpretation & Analysis
Interpretation & Analysis

We then analyze the collected data by providing: 

  • Data sorting and weighting 
  • Post-stratification weighting
  • Analytical and methodological report
  • Visualization and cross-tabulations.

Central Asia Barometer Survey

The Central Asia Barometer Survey is one of CAB's large-scale research projects, implemented regularly since 2017. Key highlights: 

  • Around 60 000 interviews since 2017; 
  • All Central Asian countries covered; 
  • 8 waves conducted to date;
  • Conducted regularly twice a year (spring and autumn waves); 
  • Sample sizes of 1500 - 2000; 
  • TAPI and CATI methods;
  • The core part of the questionnaire remains the same from one wave to another; 
  • Unique insights on attitudes towards foreign countries, international organizations and domestic politics, including elections, government policies, media usage, public health, security and economy.


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