Mission and Values

The Central Asia Barometer not only measures the social and political atmosphere in Central Asia, but actively promotes the results of its research to facilitate data-based decision-making in the best interests of people of the region. To fulfil this mission, we rely on the following guiding principles and values:

Strengthening of democratic ideas and values

We firmly believe that research, as a source of reliable knowledge, is one of the most important pillars of a well-functioning, prosperous and democratic society in which human rights are respected. Human dignity is at the core of our value system: we uphold human rights values and oppose all forms of degrading practices and discrimination.

Adherence to research standards

We work diligently to improve our internal procedures and methodology for the sake of good scientific practice and research integrity. It is important to us that the knowledge we produce not only serves a virtuous goal, but is obtained by good means in accordance with research ethics. We commit ourselves to the principle of academic freedom and the pursuit of academic excellence. CAB strictly adheres to international research standards (WAPOR Code of Ethics).

Please consult our Code of Ethics here: CAB Code on Research Ethics.pdf

Open data

All human beings are entitled to share in scientific advancement and its benefits. CAB aims to make its research results available to the public within a reasonable timeframe. Our data is available not only to academics, researchers and students, but also to all stakeholders, from journalists and civic activists to ordinary citizens. Moreover, our data becomes freely available for download after 2 years of publication, and we try to make this timeframe much shorter!

Central Asia as a research focal point

Central Asia Barometer's research paradigm seeks to look at Central Asia "as a whole", drawing attention to all cultural, social, economic and political aspects of individual countries and the region as a whole.

We support local, regional and international researchers to explore Central Asia through the region's own "internal" optics, contributing to objective and unbiased knowledge


As a research institute, we guarantee the neutrality and objectivity of our research, regardless of political, economic or social conditions. Likewise, institutionally, we do not take or express support for certain political forces, parties, candidates or individual groups.