Mission and Values

We measure the social, economic, and political "atmosphere" in the countries of Central Asia. Our research results help our partners make data-based decisions in the best interests of the region’s citizens. We conduct regular applied social science research studies and analytically reflect on social processes.

We adhere to the following values to fulfill this mission:


As an institution, we never take sides on political, economic, or social questions and always stay neutral to guarantee the objectivity of our research and analysis.

Adherence to research standards

We commit ourselves to the principle of academic freedom and the pursuit of academic excellence. CAB strictly adheres to international research standards (WAPOR Code of Ethics).

Central Asia as a research focal point

CAB attempts to understand Central Asia through Central Asians’ own optic and with no “outside eye”.

Open data

CAB aims to make its research results available to the public within a reasonable timeframe.


CAB Green Book