CAB Survey Insights is a descriptive report containing data collected from regular surveys of people in Central Asia which are visualised in concise graphs.

About CAB Survey: 

  • Start date Spring 2017;
  • Approximately 68,000 interviews conducted to the date;
  • All Central Asian countries covered; 
  • 10 waves conducted to date; 
  • Conducted regularly twice a year (waves in both spring and fall); 
  • Sample sizes of 1,500 - 2,000 per country;  
  • TAPI face-to-face interviews (2017 - 2019) and CATI (2020-2021) telephone interviews;
  • Core part of the questionnaire remains consistent throughout all waves

CABSI ensures the easy use of CAB Survey data by non-professional audience without the need for advanced data analysis skills. It provides insights into public attitudes towards a wide range of issues

  • General questions: classical public opinion polls questions like right/wrong direction, top country problems, religious identity and practices, soviet past.
  • Domestic politics: electoral preferences, political situation, approval of the job performances of the government officials, security, trust for politicians and for the government, attitudes to recent developments within the country as constitutional changes and highly debated policies.  
  • International politics: attitudes to foreign countries, leaders, and organizations, attitudes to Chinese projects in the respective countries, migration preferences, security issues and terrorism
  • Economy: economic expectations on the family/country level, assessment of the economic situation compared to the last year on the family/country level, access to food, medical care, housing, electricity, education, inflation, attitudes towards Eurasian Economic Union, employment, corruption,
  • Environment and climate change: governmental attention to the environment, ecological situation and environmental problems in the country., 
  • Media consumption: state media, Russian media, Internet, social media, messengers, newspapers, radio.
  • Public Health: concerns about COVID-19, trust for government source information about COVID-19, governmental measures and restrictions, resources to fight COVID-19, the country best able to provide aid to fight COVID-19, readiness to take a COVID-19 vaccine, preferences over COVID-19 vaccine

The CAB Survey Insights report is prepared for each surveyed country after each wave twice a year - in Spring and Fall

  •  CABSI Kazakhstan
  •  CABSI Kyrgyzstan 
  •  CABSI Uzbekistan 
  •  CABSI Tajikistan
  •  CABSI Turkmenistan

A subscription to CABSI reports provide you with a unique, fresh and reliable public opinion data across Central Asian countries twice a year in easily understandable form and for affordable price. Please, contact us to subscribe to future CABSI reports. 

Alternatively to a subscription, you can purchase single CABSI Waves Reports on each country

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Title Date
CABSI Kazakhstan 10.2021 - 12.2021
CABSI Kyrgyzstan 10.2021 - 12.2021
CABSI Uzbekistan 10.2021 - 12.2021
CABSI Tajikistan 10.2021 - 12.2021
CABSI Turkmenistan 10.2021 - 12.2021