Growing Importance of Uzbekistan for China

Yunis Sharifli, Research Fellow at Central Asia Barometer

Economy and Development International relations Uzbekistan China 06.10.2022

Yunis Sharifli, Research Intern at Central Asia Barometer, published an opinion piece on about the growing strategic importance of Uzbekistan in Central Asia from China's perspective.

Against the backdrop of a series of political and economic factors that underline the considerable prospects for the already strong bilateral relations between China and Uzbekistan, the author notes the considerable public support for the presence of the eastern partner in the country

According to Central Asia Barometer Survey Wave 10 question “How much confidence do you have that China’s investment in our country will create jobs in our country for our citizens?”, 70% of the participants from Uzbekistan answered that they have great or some confidence in China’s investment. 

Elsewhere, 27% of the participants from Kazakhstan answered the same way, while 70% said they do have not very much confidence or none at all regarding Chinese investment.  

The full article is available here

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