Internal Migration and Social Mobility Study in Kyrgyzstan

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Dates: 2018

Research Design: The goal of the project was to obtain reliable national data on internal migration focused on human trafficking, bride kidnapping and violent extremism. The project was implemented in two stages; first  through telephone interviews to study the scope of internal migration across Kyrgyzstan; then to examine in detail the motivations for internal migration through face-to-face interviews.

Stage 1

•    Telephone interviews using random samples

•    Target population: Adult Population aged 18+

•    Geographic Scope: Kyrgyzstan

•    Sample size: 5000 respondents

Stage 2

•    Method: Face-to-face interviews 

•    Target population: Adult Population aged 18+

•    Geographic Scope: Kyrgyzstan, areas, and clusters with high internal migration

•    Sample size: 1,000 interviews