Where the Central Asians expect the Aid coming from Ii Order to handle the COVID-19 Crisis?


According to the Spring, 2020 Wave of the Central Asia Barometer Survey Central Asians extensively rely on Russia to help their countries to handle the COVID-19 crisis. 51,6% of Kazakhstanis, 57,8% of Uzbekistanis, and 75,5% of Kyrgyzstanis stated that Russia would be best able to help their countries. Interestingly, nearly 20% of the respondents in Kazakhstan, 14% in Uzbekistan, and 7,5% in Kyrgyzstan believe China would be the best able to help their countries. 

Older respondents, more than young people, believe that, if necessary, Russia will provide assistance to their country in the fight against coronavirus. Young people constitute the largest share of those expecting support from other countries (China, USA, etc.).